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“Whispers Of Her” ~ #3 in the Truth Series


Whispers Of Her

Her body is intact, but everything else inside twenty-year-old Lacey is shattered.

Trying to see through the haze of fear and grief seems impossible as Lacey turns to alcohol to numb the pain. The thought of living another day with her haunting memories is too much to bear.

When she meets the owner of a Karate dojo who has a similar past, Lacey starts to see a glimmer of herself through the fog. His training and her best friend’s love and support give Lacey a much-needed glimpse into how to move forward.

But when Lacey finds herself in danger yet again, she has to fight for her life. And this time, she’s ready.

Join Lacey as she embarks on a journey to find herself and stand up to her greatest fears in Whispers of Her.

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